Presbyterian Disaster Assistance: Church Training Available

Here is a PDF regarding what PDA is and does.

The PW/PDA workshop is for individuals, families, and congregations to begin conversations to set up a plan of action in the event of disaster, maintain order throughout the chaos, and build relationships to strengthen our faith community. The mission is to help prepare, through ongoing conversations that educate and build awareness, of what we can do when disaster happens.

How often do we face lightning storms, floods, hurricanes, or fires which we did not cause or have anything to do with? Disasters of nature and those that are man made bring chaos to hundreds of thousands of lives every year and have lasting effects.

This information is brought to you by Presbyterian Women and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. Our mission is to care for families and communities impacted by disasters and help them achieve their long term physical, psychological and spiritual recovery as a witness to the healing love of Christ.

PDA is funded by the generous gifts to the church’s One Great Hour of Sharing. Annually PDA responds to at least 20 U.S. disasters and 30international disasters. These responses are coordinated through local judicatories (presbyteries and synods) with specialized volunteer teams. In the U.S. disasters, during consultations, work is done to foster relationships within those boundaries. International disaster teams are partnered with Presbyterian, Reformed and ecumenical churches and other faith based,non-governmental indigenous organizations.

Take time today to begin a plan of prepared readiness for bumps in the road of life, as we are led by our Lord.

PW-PDA SBP Trainer contact:  Dixie Loy    575/317-2000   or

Here is a PDF regarding what PDA is and does.