CRE commissioning press release

At our January meeting Presbytery of Sierra Blanca commissioned twelve new CREs and and recommissioned two more.


Here is the press release:

Presbytery of Sierra Blanca Announces the Commissioned of 12 CRE at January Presbytery Meeting

In Portales, NM

At the January Presbytery meeting for the Sierra Blanca Presbytery in Portales, NM, we commissioned twelve Commissioned Ruling Elders (CRE) and re-commissioned an additional two.  These new CREs studied with Pastors Tex and Cris Russell and Rev. Ted Land from February to May of 2016.  Their study emphasized our worship and sacraments, preparation and delivery of sermons, and crafting meaningful statements of faith. They have immediately been authorized as full CREs and have been filling empty pulpits within our presbytery, and may serve communion, baptize, and perform funerals.

This large CRE class was made possible because of dedication and enthusiasm of the instructors and students.