October Presbyterian Womans update. Dixie Loy available to Speak about Pres. Disaster Assistance

Presbyterian Women of the Synod of the Southwest 2016 Gathering was held in Phoenix October 28-30, 2016, at the Franciscan Retreat Center.
89 PW from the four presbyteries of Synod of the Southwest attended. Bible study leaders Judy Yates Siker and Amy Southerlan, and PW Mission Staff Katharine Reeves were our keynote speakers. They blew us away!
New officers installed. Leader terms are staggered .

Also, PW of Synod of Southwest members attended Presbyterian Disaster Assistance training pres-_disaster_trainingfollowing the Synod Gathering. Sierra Blanca Presbytery PW member Dixie Loy is available to speak to groups in the presbytery for the next three years. You can contact Dixie Loy by email at nanniehatter@outlook.com